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Dr. Tracy Kennedy Intuitive Reading & Consultation Fees
Reiki/Energy Healing, Spiritual Readings, Spiritual Consultation

Psychic Mediumship Reading
During a Reading, Tracy energetically scans the person’s physical body and aura, and gives insight about areas where they are losing power. She sheds light on areas of life that need attention, encompassing the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of Self. Tracy provides awareness, insight and guidance using her Empathic Psychic skills and Mediumship abilities. If you are feeling confused, uncertain, disconnected, out of touch, or need guidance or validation about your path and life purpose, this is a good session to do. This is not a predictive/fortune telling reading (although pathways of possibilities can reveal themselves during a reading); instead it is a check-in with the Spirit World, allowing Spirit to provide you with what you need to know right now.
60 minute session $75; 90 minute session $115; Two hour session $145
Spiritual Consultation
A Spiritual Consultation session is intended for those who are seeking knowledge on how to progress with their own spiritual path or for those who are looking for some insight into their life purpose. Spiritual Consultations can also include learning tools and skills to help you understand and navigate your intuitive and/or empathic gifts, help you learn grounding and protection methods, or to show you how to focus and enhance your psychic abilities. This is not a reading, but rather a discussion. You are welcome to bring questions about topic areas with you for discussion, use our time together as a sounding board for your ideas. Available in person or via Skype.
One hour session $70; Two hour session $135.

**Readings & Consultations are also offered online
via Skype or Email. Please email Tracy to make arrangements.

Spiritual Mentorship Program
Spiritual Mentorship Program is intended for those who feel they need guidance and insight with their path, and to set the groundwork for their spiritual work. The mentorship program is a four to six week program where we meet once a week to discuss various spiritual tools and skills. Each week is a different topic and skill set. Programs are individually customized, or can be tailored for a small group. Individual work outside of our meeting time is expected and discussed within the sessions. It’s important to learn the tools, apply the concepts, and work with your skill sets for true learning to occur. $180-$270 (Depending on number of weeks).




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