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Massage therapy is the assessment of the soft tissue and joints of the body and the treatment and prevention of physical dysfunction and pain of the soft tissues and joints by manipulation to develop, maintain, rehabilitate or augment physical function, or relieve pain (Massage Therapy Act, 1991). This can be different from relaxation massage. Massage therapists are trained more to treat and alleviate specific physical conditions, whereas “spa therapy” focuses more on routines for relaxation. I am certified in both styles.

Most treatments are done on a massage table or seated in a chair. Relaxation massage is best done using oil on skin, undressed with appropriate draping, in 30, 60 or 90-minute sessions. It can relieve pain and relax tight muscles. Myofascial therapy can be done with clothing that can be undraped, like swim trunks and a sports bra, and can be done in 60 or 90-minute sessions. It can treat chronic pain, overuse injuries, postural imbalances, and tight or athletically conditioned muscles.

Styles and Techniques

When people think massage they may picture Swedish or spa massage, the traditional method of rubbing the skin for increased circulation, muscle tone, and relaxation. My spa style is like Esalen, or “deep flow.” It emphasizes whole-body integration through breath, long strokes to slow the heart, and gentle stretches. Relaxation techniques can include aromatherapy (essential oils from flowers and plants to balance energy, promote healing, or simply for a sensory experience), hot stone (the heated tones melt tight muscles like butter), Trager (rocking “joint release”), and Shiatsu (pressure points). But this is just one of many different types of bodywork, some of which don’t look anything like traditional massage. My therapeutic work is structural massage, also called “deep tissue” or “myo-fascial release.” It uses less oil and slower strokes to reach deeper layers of tissue. It can help prevent and heal injury and improve posture by stretching muscles and fascia. (Fascia is the network of collagen fibers in and between the muscles which gives structure to the body.)

Jonah Winters

Jonah Winters


Jonah Winters Registered Massage Therapist & Certified Spa Therapist. He is the owner of Winter Bodyworks. Jonah is a graduate of Vancouver School of Bodywork and Massage (spa therapy) and Ontario College of Health & Technology (massage therapy). He was licensed by the City of Vancouver to practice mobile therapeutic massage, and now works in various locations around Niagara including The Spiritual Spa.


Jonah has magical hands and a huge heart. He is very thorough in keeping notes of your progress and truly wants to help you heal your bodily woes. I would highly recommend trying Jonah for your next massage therapy session, he is worth every dollar and more! Stacey, St. Catharines, ON.

Jonah is a gifted massage therapist. He does a wonderful job working out any tensions in your body with the gentlest of means. He patiently works challenging areas to slowly coax out those tensions rather than rushing and causing unnecessary pain. His love and passion for his work is highly evident. Sandy, Hamilton, ON.

I started going to Jonah for my massages since September of 2014, I look forward every month for my appointment. Jonah always exceeds my expectations and I feel like I am walking on a cloud when I am done.  Jonah, thank you for your care, kindness. Gina, Niagara Falls, ON

Jonah Winters - Service Fees
Massage Therapy

Jonah is certified in Deep Tissue Massage, Swedish Massage, Myofascial Release, Lomi Lomi, Hot Stone Massage, and Aromatherapy Massage. Select a session length that works best for you:
30 minute session $45
60 minute session $80
90 minute session $110
75 minute Hot stone massage $110




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